Raising Awareness on Deague Virus: The AEDES Chatbot


  • Vinothini Kasinathan
  • Aida Mustapha
  • Lee Pei Qi
  • Leong Zhi Yi
  • Joie Chuah Hwei Ee
  • T.Tulasi Appalasamy


Malaysian health reports have shown that dengue cases remain in trend in 2020amidst the pandemic of Covid-19. Several expert systems have been proposed to provide expert knowledge as well as diagnosis to dengue symptoms. This paper explores the use of conversational platform using chatbots to enhance the expert systems by offering a natural and an intuitive information delivery method using natural language. By incorporating the concept of intelligent agent, acquiring information becomes more interactive and interesting. The proposed chatbot is hoped to raise awareness on the symptoms, impact, and prevention of the dengue virus among the public.