Economic Empowerment Of Saudi Women And Its Relationship To Their Psychological Security Acknowledgements: This Research Has Been Funded By Scientific Research Deanship At University Of Hail, Saudi Arabia Through Project Number Gr-22 020


  • Wedad Mohammad alkfare
  • Fedaa ghazi alrasheedy


The purpose of this study was to determine the reality of Saudi women's economic empowerment, the degree of psychological security they experience, and whether there is a relationship between these two factors. The descriptive correlational approach was utilized to examine the reality of Saudi women's economic empowerment and their level of psychological security. An electronic questionnaire was created to test these outcomes. The study population included Saudi women in all of their economic, social, and cultural categories, making the study sample of 667 women who were chosen at random. Appropriate statistical analyses were then carried out to derive the study's findings regarding Saudi women and their level of psychological security.The research produced the following findings: The degree of psychological security for the Saudi women will increase due to the high reality of their economic empowerment, average level of psychological security, and positive correlation between their economic empowerment and level of psychological security.Based on these findings, the researcher suggests that programs and other measures be implemented to enhance Saudi women's economic empowerment and increase their sense of psychological security.