Study on Impact of Green Perceived Value, Green Trust, and Green Perceived Risk on Consumer Purchase Intention toward Indian Automobile Industry


  • Phani Kumar Vutukuri
  • Dr.T.Narayana Reddy


Over the past ten years, numerous research has focused on the problem of green consumerism. According to authors, people are prepared to pay extra for environmental advantages. Researchers have also claimed that consumers' purchase behaviours exhibit a value-action gap. Due to inconsistencies in consumer behaviour and thought processes, there is a gap. The current study investigated the effects of green satisfaction value, green trust, & green behavioral intentions on consumers' purchase intentions for the Indian automobile industry. A sample of owners who own car and has some fundamental knowledge about green products and its uses were approached for collection of data. The provided hypothesised model was examined using a structural equation model, and the results revealed that when green satisfaction risk is lower, green perception value & trust increase buy intention.