“Social Media Health Promotion in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges”


  • Mahendro Prasetyo Kusumo
  • Chong Mei Chan
  • Rudy Kurniawan


Background: Social media is a digital access for health promotion interventions. Platforms that are widely used in Indonesia include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Line. Obstacles that are still a problem in the development of social media in Indonesia come from various sectors. Purpose: to identify the opportunities and challenges of using social media for health promotion in Indonesia. Method: descriptively with literature review. The search was carried out on articles published in English and Indonesian in 2013-2022 through searches on Google Scholar, Science Direct, and selected references using the keywords Health Promotion, social media, Opportunities and Barriers. The articles obtained were filtered according to the purpose and title of this research. Thus, a manuscript was obtained on "Social Media Health Promotion in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges". Result: social media has the potential to be an effective health promotion tool for health in Indonesia. Opportunities come from various sectors including accessibility, level of active users, cross-sectoral involvement, health literacy, and HR empowerment orientation, efficient platforms, flexible locations, and user-friendliness. The considerations required are disinformation, the credibility of regulatory issues, social, human resource, and multilingual contexts. Conclusion: social media creates opportunities to scale up online-based health promotion interventions in Indonesia. The platforms that support public health initiatives in Indonesia are youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter and line. This study has implications for Indonesian society in obtaining health promotion based on social media.