Measuring the Level of Optimism among Volleyball Premier Players in the West Bank


  • Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jamous Balqa
  • Dr. Nayef Mufadi Aljbour
  • Dr. Mahmoud Husni Al atrash Annajah
  • Dr. Jamal Shaker Annajah
  • Dr.Subhi Qabalan


This study aimed to measure the level of optimism among volleyball players premier in the West Bank, and the researcher followed the descriptive approach for its suitability to the objects of the current study. the study sample consisted of (45) players, and formed a rate of (42%) of the original community.and the most important results the researcher found were: the level of optimism among volleyball players in the Premier League in the West Bank is high, and the level of optimism plays an important role in the performance of the players, they did not affected by the current study variables (center play, years of playing, Age) , and the researchers recommends conducting various studies on the subject of optimism and its relationship to the team results.