Explore Community-Based Tourism with Hybrid Organization Development and Use Based On Islamic Perspective: Community-Based Tourism


  • Yuni Rimawati
  • Rita Yuliana
  • Emi Rahmawati



Community-based tourism is a form of tourism legality based on community organizations in Indonesia. Tourism in Indonesia itself has emerged with reference to beliefs such as Islam.


Therefore, this research was prepared with the aim of exploring the activities, institutional structure, and process of the running of the Payung Kuning Pokdarwis with the Hybrid Organization construction as a form of tourism based on an Islamic perspective.


The results show that Pokdarwis Payung Kuning is a return on investment that has an impact on nature conservation where the company's CSR funds work together with the local community. In addition, this impactful investment can give birth to Labuhan Coral Reef Conservation Marine Tourism whose economic benefits can be felt by members of the Payung Kuning Pokdarwis and the surrounding community. On the other hand, Labuhan Coral Reef Marine Tourism Conservation raises awareness of the benefits of nature conservation for the wider community.


Therefore, it can be concluded that the Islamic perspective has succeeded in mitigating latent differences that can become conflicts between organizations and face a pandemic.