A New Approach in Psychology: Truthism


  • Meisam Nabiri
  • Fariba Kalantari


In a world where people are constantly exposed to the onslaught of information, wherein media and cyberspace affecting their psyche, perspective, and destiny, the need for a new approach and perspective is necessitated to deal with these issues, while maintaining mental health. The aim of this research is to present a new theory on the human psyche, examining human beings from a new perspective. A theory based not only on human intellect but also on the truth-seeking and rationalism of man that precedes any other attributes and characteristics of him. This approach is based on truth, truthlet, truthletfulness, truthletism, and cognitive-behavioral dialectic. Truthlet is the expression of the certainty and the fact, and it is the sub-truth that exists in and conceptualizes an individual's world. Every truthlet and perceived truth in the present and in itself is the product of dialectics. In this approach, the individual makes a cognitive-behavioral dialectic in the face of events. Cognitive and behavioral dialectic is a continuous synthesis of previous facts with the current reality and plays a role in all material, social, economic, moral and natural aspects of man. It can be seen by looking around in all means, artifacts, inventions and human behavior. This approach includes various components including self-authorship, Solomon's motivation, ignorance anxiety and mental defense mechanisms, dialectical intelligence, behavioral transaction, black-hole of ignorance, nature punishment, social truthlet, and many other concepts.