The Effect of Brand Experience on Brand Loyalty with Brand Awareness, Brand Personality, Customer Satisfaction as Intervening Variables in Oronamin C Brand


  • Muhammad Sidiq Nugraha
  • Indrawati
  • Maria Apsari Sugiat


During a pandemic, public health awareness is raised. The increased demand for goods with health advantages, like vitamin drinks, reflects this. Oronamin C is one of the vitamin beverage brands available in Indonesia. Oronamin C was created as a wholesome carbonated beverage to meet daily vitamin intake. When cases of covid or news sentiment about Covid-19 increased, sales of the Oronamin C drink significantly climbed. However, when the number of cases declined, Oronamin C sales similarly saw a sharp reduction. Therefore, research is required to identify the elements that may influence brand loyalty. Brand loyalty may cause the demand for a product or brand to remain constant. This study aims to determine if brand experience has a direct or indirect effect on brand loyalty by using brand awareness, brand personality, and customer satisfaction as intermediary variables. As a result, the alternative path with the highest path coefficient might be chosen as a guide for improvement ideas. 291 Oronamin C consumers were selected as respondents for this study using the purposive sampling method. With the use of Smart PLS 4.0, before being evaluated, the data's validity and reliability were assessed using structural equation modeling. According to the study's findings, brand loyalty is directly influenced by brand experience rather than indirectly through brand awareness, brand personality, and customer satisfaction as mediating variables. According to the findings of this study, Oronamin C has to improve its capability to foster positive consumer perceptions of its brand by designing an effective communication plan to build a positive brand experience with the goal of boosting brand loyalty.