The Integration of M-Learning in Learning Management System


  • Anita Venugopal
  • Mukesh Madanan
  • Ashraf Ali
  • Wajdi Hamza Dawod Alredany


Mobile technology, with its ability to operate wirelessly, is an efficient and effective tool that offers several benefits in enhancing students' skills such as knowledge sharing, collaborative learning, learning outside the classroom, improved networking skills, and e-learning. The technological advancements in the 21st century play a crucial role in meeting the rising needs of educational organizations by transferring to m-learning. In this paper, we discuss the important results of integrating mobile technology into teaching to improve the learning outcomes of education. The main objective of the study is to create awareness of accessing multimodal techniques like mobile to enhance teaching-learning outcomes and analyze students’ perceptions of integrating mobile technology in educational systems. The results reveal an increase in students’ awareness, focus, interest, and excitement in learning lessons with the inclusion of m-technology into teaching. One of the major implications of M-learning is that it keeps students engaging and it supports continuous learning. The research results can be used to manage information, build knowledge, and support the learner's learning needs at any time and location.