Iraq's Government Size and economic growth


  • Mohammed N.Al Jabawi
  • Ahmad J. Samimi
  • Amir M. Tehranchian


The aim of the current research was to studying the impacts of the government size on an economic growth of Iraq. Because in spite of the high rate of the government spending, there are no good impact on economic gr owth. There is no obvious and future plans for future of economy in Iraq especially in government size side. Data was collected from the Central Bank of Iraq; the dependent variables were gross domestic product and annual growth. We have used the ARDL method to analyze the data using canonical correlation analysis. This looks to find the relationship between two sets of variables: the independent variables and the set of dependent variables. In addition, the multiple linear regression equation and tests (T) and tests (F) to test the significance and coefficients of determination or interpretation were used. the findings of research based on estimation of the regression model using ARDL showed that the government size has a positive and statistically significant effect on Iraqi economic growth.  Iraq relies heavily on oil revenues to finance its public expenditures, so it is noted that fluctuations in crude oil prices are directly reflected on oil revenues and thus on the volume of public expenditures, which affects the sustainability of economic growth.