Womens’ Images in Contemporary Sudanese Mens’ Novels: (The Other Shore) by/ Abaker Adam Ismail (2006) as a case study


  • Elsadig Hussein Fadlalla Ali


This paper is a discussion of the images of Sudanese women in contemporary Sudanese novels. It sheds light on two female characters, Selma (a major character) and Suad (a minor character) in Abaker Adam Ismail’s novel ‘The Other Shore (2006)’. The researcher used literary analysis for analyzing the personality traits of the two characters. The study also investigates the extent to which portraits of Sudanese women in literary works represent the nature and role of women in the Sudanese community. literary criticism is used to examine the image of women in Sudanese novels, in addition to analytical and descriptive methods. From the analysis, it appears that the characters are portrayed as dynamic characters since both changed greatly from positive to negative persons. The study comes out with some results some of which are: Sudanese society is a patriarchal society with the father as the head of the family. Consequently, the selected novel depicts female characters against the backdrop of patriarchal values which oppress women with their cultural, traditional, social, and ideological norms; as well as male authors tend to concentrate on the physical details of their female characters.