International Humanitarian Protection of Women’s Rights during Armed Conflicts


  • Roza Omer Hamadamin
  • Nor Anita Abdullah
  • Mohd Zakhiri Md. Nor


Historically, women in general have been the victims of armed conflicts in many forms as they are among the most marginalized social classes. Irrespective of age, color of skin, ethnicity and nationality, females have typically been the victims of both international and non-international armed conflicts (IAC and NIAC, respectively). Due to such phenomenon, humanitarian laws are put in place to protect civilians in general and women specifically during armed conflicts (ACs). However, even with such international regulations and measures in place, there are insufficient assurances that enforce women’s protection in such situations. This paper aims to shed light about the protection of women during ACs by exploring relevant international standards in the international legal framework related to the issue.