Climate and Quality Management Practices in the instates of higher learning: Mediating Role of Educational Finance


  • Shorouk Mohamed Farag Mohamed Aboudahr
  • Mua'azam Mohamad
  • Abdulrasheed Olowoselu


Numerous quality initiatives are being implemented at the same time that universities are experiencing a decline in public funding of education. The main objective of this study is to investigate the role of finance as a mediator. A survey data was acquired composed of three parts adapted from earlier studies to be appropriate for instates of higher learning. Smart PLS 3 analytical software was used to analysed the hypotheses. At the same time, (SPSS) 26 was used to ascertained the profile of respondents using 316 lecturers from 25 colleges as a sample. The results showed that all the predicting variables have a significant positive relationship with quality management practices. Furthermore, educational finance mediates the positive relationship between climate and quality management practices. The finding suggested a need to raise the finances in the Egyptian universities so as to improve the climate of universities and task performance. The study recommends the necessity to increase awareness among educationists and other key players to apply quality management in the universities in the wake of its potential benefit to the education system.