Tools For Collaborative Monitoring in Virtual Environments: A Systematic Review


  • Ing. Karina Paola Real Avilés, MSc
  • Ing. Mitchell John Vásquez Bermúdez, MSc
  • Fausto Raúl Orozco Lara, MSc
  • Ing. Freddy Mauricio Burgos Robalino, MSc


Software tools for monitoring collaborative work in virtual LMS environments have become important in higher education, allowing to measure the level of collaboration and efficiency through interaction indicators during online work. The objective of this research is to perform an analysis of the existing software tools for monitoring collaborative work, detailing their characteristics, the monitoring process implemented, as well as the most used LMS platforms. In addition, the results grouped by criteria are synthesized for the type of monitoring with its type of visualization of results and the contributions provided by these tools from the student’s point of view in terms of the criteria of self-regulation, participation and performance improvement; from the teacher’s point of view as an aid for the control and monitoring of activities.