Management By Results, Quality of Care and Effectiveness of Public Management in The Regional Government, Apurimac Peru.


  • Cañari Otero, Calixto
  • Rosa Huaraca Aparco
  • Hancco Bustinza Patricia


The management by result considered as a new tool of public management, which seeks to achieve the magnification of positive results, with a quality of attention for the well-being and satisfaction of the citizen to allow the performance of the entity according to its strategic, economic, operational and social factors. Therefore, the objective of the research was to evaluate the influence of management by results and quality of care in the regional government of Apurimac 2022. The quantitative approach was used using the deductive method of transactional explanatory level with a sample of 296 randomly selected participants. The technique applied was the survey with a Likert-type rating scale. The results found that management by outcome and quality of care significantly influence the effectiveness of public management of the regional government of Apurímac, 2022; with an index of 0.736 according to Nagelkerke's R 2, which represents the high probability ratio in 73.6% dependence on the effectiveness of public management depends on management by result and quality of care.