Model and development of an Updater for the OASis desktop system applied in the ESPOCH career secretariats


  • Hernan Dario Centeno Aulla
  • Diego Bernardo Palacios Campana
  • Pedro Rubén Saltos Chávez
  • Byron Ernesto Vaca Barahona
  • María Fernanda Heredia Moyano
  • Alex Fernando Erazo Luzuriaga


Computer systems help to automate processes, contributing to the reduction of time, so the systems must be kept updated according to the needs or requirements that appear over time; in this context, the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo (ESPOCH) has an academic desktop system called “Orion with internet services” (OASis) which is installed in the 27 career secretariats of its 7 faculties providing various functionalities such as registration of teachers and students, enrollment, validations, class schedule assignment, etc. This academic system is subject to changes and improvements, so it needs to be updated. To carry out this process, the computer technician of each faculty is required to download the latest version and install it manually, which takes a long time to perform this task. In this study, a model and development of an Updater for the desktop system (OASis) applied in the career secretariats of the ESPOCH was carried out. To evaluate the functionality of the developed system, a form with 4 questions was applied, which were answered by the 27 career secretaries considered as the universe and representative sample of the study. Using the Chi-square statistical method with a margin of error of 5% and a degree of freedom of 6, a contingency value of 1.33 and a critical value of 12.59 were obtained, thus verifying the hypothesis proposed and fulfilling the objectives for which the system was created. Finally, the results described in this document will be used to improve efficiency in academic processes by having a desktop system updater complementing the existing one, reducing installation time when an update is found