Psychological Determinants of Saudi Women’s Purchase Intention of International Brand Cosmetics


  • Dr Norah A. A. Almotrefi
  • Dr Sanjeevni Gangwani
  • Dr Nadia A. A. Alshahrani
  • Prof. Wesam M. A. Ibrahim


In this study, we examine the influence of psychological factors—brand image, brand equity, brand awareness, brand loyalty, perceived value, price consciousness, and perceived quality—on the purchase intention of international brand cosmetics among women in Saudi Arabia. We conducted a survey and collected 500 valid responses from Saudi women. The data collected were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science version 25 and applying the Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple linear regression methods. The results reveal that psychological factors greatly influence Saudi women’s purchase intention of international brand cosmetics, with brand image and perceived quality having the maximum impact. The findings of this study have several implications—they can be utilized by the cosmetics industry to understand Saudi women’s needs and demands for cosmetic products. The findings also provide insights into the prominent psychological factors that influence Saudi women’s purchase intentions of international brand cosmetic products, which can guide the cosmetic industry to plan and design better product promotion strategies for women consumers in Saudi Arabia.