Profitability In Ecuadorian Private Banking And Financial Inclusión


  • Mariana Mariana Puente
  • Eduardo Dávalos
  • Samantha Panta
  • María Cervantes


In recent years, financial inclusion has taken importance worldwide, in this sense this research aimed to analyze the relationship between the profitability of Ecuadorian private banking and financial inclusion. The type of research used was quantitative due to it involves data from 15 banking entities between 2002 - 2019, in addition, some linear regression models were applied the same that allowed establishing the relationship among the variables, which showed a positive relationship between bank profitability and inclusion. Financial.  The results obtained show that financial inclusion positively affects the profitability of banks in Ecuador. it is concluded that an increase in financial inclusion can generate an improvement in bank profitability, showing a direct and positive relationship between Loans / GDP, Financial Intermediation, Return on assets, Return on equity , Financial Net Margin, it is worth mentioning that financial inclusion allows improving the profitability of banks