Challenges of Educational Robotics: A Perspective from the Teacher's Home


  • Conde-Hernández, Marcial
  • Sánchez-Montero-Edgardo
  • Rico-Ballesteros, Reinaldo
  • Garcia-Leyva, Diana
  • Bolaño-Truyol, Jorge
  • Fruto-Silva, Erick
  • Esquiaqui-Gonzalez, Marisel
  • Martinez-Moreno, Sonyer
  • Charris-Angulo, Felix
  • Miranda Acosta, Rober
  • Diaz-Jimenez, Arnold
  • Ladróndeguevara-Sanchez, Henry
  • Torres-Catalan, Luis
  • Mercado-Cruz, Alvaroo


At present, education is a key piece in the development and growth of a nation; research in recent years shows that it is impossible to think of an educational process without the use of different technological tools and that, in turn, these link to the Main actors of the educational community.

The Casa Del Maestro Research Center, given its trajectory and creation since January 30, 2019, has promoted research in education, seeking to strengthen research and give recognition to teachers as an active part in the development of the country with a view to the integration of project management and being recognized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the mission of the center is oriented to "the production of scientific knowledge" and "the improvement of the quality of education, through intervention processes, research, technological development and interdisciplinary innovation," which is under the contextual challenges, it aligns with the social purpose that is defined as a means to "configure social, pedagogical and educational management solutions demanded by the new orders of society" and with the vision of the center that proposes "to have an innovative Teacher, in each Educational Establishment of the Caribbean Region."