The industrial improving processes in a tannery through an industrial redesign


  • Benjamín Carril-Verastegui
  • Daniel Castro-Vargas
  • Víctor Vargas-Godoy
  • Yesenia Ávila-Alcalde
  • Manuel Morales-Alberto


The Latin American leather industry continues to be an economic driving force in the regions where this material is manufactured. However, some factors limit the optimal performance of its activities. This work focused on the fundamental aspects of production optimization in a tannery in Peru, representing the level of process and activity planning in Latin America. Therefore, this work was devoted to developing an approach to improve the company's production processes. For this purpose, an analysis was carried out based on the optimization of personnel movements and the correct study of the planning of the areas where the actions that lead to leather production are to accomplish. Furthermore, strategies that do not require costly investments in tools or software were used since the objective is to make substantial improvements without needing significant capital investments.