Factors Influencing Aggressive Behavior and Academic Performance Among Senior Secondary School Students in Nigeria.


  • Dr. Okpechi Philip A
  • Effiom, Bassey Ekeng
  • Florence Undiyaundeye A
  • Melvina N. Amalu
  • Roseline Anyiopi Undie
  • Ben Otu Diwa
  • Ogar A. A


The research addresses the factors influencing aggressive behavior among secondary school student. Data for the study was collected from secondary school teachers through structured interviews. Findings reveal that boys use abusive and foul language and involve in destructive activities as compare to girls who were rarely observed in abusive language or physical fight. Negative home and family environment (broken and divorced parents and family problems), unfriendly parents’ behavior, authoritative and dishonest behavior of teachers, poor teacher-student interaction, pressure of studies, unfriendly relationships with peers, injustice in society are the major factors influencing aggressive behavior of students at secondary level in students. Finding depicts no freedom of choice in subject selection makes boys aggressive and gender baseness in society makes girls aggressive. There is need to address the aggressive behavior among students at schools on top priority basis by arranging counseling services for students at school level to provide them psychotherapy for relaxation from aggressive behavior. The critical value at 298 degree of freedom is 1.56 less than 3.32 calculated value . The role of parents at home, and parents-teacher interaction, strong teacher- student interaction, cooperative learning activities for students and their moral and religious training, scrutiny of presenting movies on promotion of aggression, and need of teachers’ training for providing counseling to aggressive students are some measures which can improve the situation.