Islamic Exorcism Between Controls And Transgressions: A Contemporary Jurisprudential Vision


  • Dr. Heba Bint Abd Al-Latif Bin Ahmed Al-Saleh


Research Topic

Islamic Exorcism Between Controls And Abuses: A Contemporary Jurisprudential Vision"


The Research Aims To Define Islamic Exorcism, Its Divisions, Its Ruling And How It Is Performed, And To Explain The Legal Controls For It, And To Mention The Contemporary Violations And Transgressions It May Commit.

Research Method

The Inductive Analytical Deductive Method Was Used.

The Most Important Findings

Exorcism Is A Type Of Supplication, And Its Legal Form Is What Was Resorted To God Almighty. In General, Exorcism Is Divided Into Two Categories: Legal Exorcism And Forbidden Exorcism. There Are Legal Controls That Must Be Met In The Exorcism, The Exorcist, And The Person On Whom Exorcism Is Practiced, And Some Exorcisms Commit Transgressions And Violations That Exorcists Should Be Wary Of. They Are Violations Related To Belief, Moral, Social, And Material Aspects.

The Most Important Recommendations

Educating The Community About The Mistakes And Transgressions Committed By Some Exorcists So That No One Will Fall Prey To Them. Moreover, Committees From The Ministry Of Islamic Affairs Should Be Formed To Supervise The Exorcism And Follow Up On Their Conditions So That Special Licenses Are Issued For Those Who Practice Exorcism.