Effects of Philosophical Reflection on the Teaching of the Concept of Force in Newton’s Second Law


  • Wilder Guerrero
  • Gilberto Castrejón


The article presents the results of an educational project in which a didactic sequence was applied under the theoretical approach of conceptual change and linked to philosophical reflection to teach the concept of force in Newton’s second law. This was carried out with a sample of 78 students of the General Physics course of the National University of Agriculture, using a mixed method and combining Socratic dialogues and essay composition in the qualitative part, while a pre/post instrument was applied in the quantitative part, to make a comparative analysis of the academic results between the control group and the experimental group. Before this application, it was applied twice with smaller groups of students to validate its relevance and ensure a favorable reaction concerning the students. The quantitative results show that the experimental group’s performance was 25% higher than the performance of the control group, which is supported by the qualitative analysis in which a greater overcoming of previous ideas is reflected in the experimental group. From all this, it has been inferred that philosophical reflection in teaching the concept of force in Newton’s second law contributes significantly to better learning.