Teaching Pedagogical Accompaniment In Virtual Education During The Pandemic


  • Mgtr. Hugo Bigberto Retes Melo
  • Mg. Marlon Joel Silva Huamán


Teacher accompaniment in virtual education implies that RBE teachers implement strategies for developing meaningful learning in students, all taking into account the health guidelines on social isolation and the “I learn at home” strategy. Experiences regarding successful teaching in virtual education are shared, where the use of the strategy “I learn at home” has tools, resources and materials that teachers can use, students and family members at home; in the same way, it proposes the development of activities, allowing students from different parts of the country, to participate through radio, television and internet. Because of this, there is an urgent need for teachers to pertinently review the resources according to the needs, follow-up and evaluation; therefore, the directors and specialists of the Ugel carry out the pedagogical accompaniment of teachers according to their pedagogical practice for the optimization of student learning and the improvement of educational quality at the district, regional and national level.

Thus, after more than a year of the presence of the pandemic, and taking into account the learning ogre of the year 2020 and so far in 2021, it can be said that changes in curricular programs are urgently needed to increase knowledge, skills development, activities, changes in methodology, research techniques, as well as the proper use of resources and materials that are proposed, to meet the interests, needs and limitations of students.