Reproductive Rights in the Realm of Assisted Reproductive Technology: The Legal and Ethical Ramifications


  • Harkirandeep Kaur


The advances made by scientific technology in genetics have resulted in the medical innovation in the field of reproduction. The genesis of genetics and reproductive technology has raised a ray of hope for the infertile couples who cannot have children in the natural way. The new reproductive technologies has helped people with infertility problems or suffering from genetic conditions to provide solutions to their problems. The different techniques like Genetic Counselling, Genetic Diagnosis and treatments are provided to infertile couples to meet their demands of begetting children. The infertile couples are treated with technologies like Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), in vitro fertilization, Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Pre implantation Genetic Screening (PGS). These technologies help couples to get the child of their desires. Earlier the ART was used for infertility but now it is used for genetic reasons. The development in genetics and reproductive research has given a new shape to ART. The ray of hope provided by these technologies has raised many other ethical, legal, technical and social issues on the forefront.