Comparison of E- Policing In the Implementation of Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement and Manual Ticket in Traffic Compliance in the Jurisdiction of Metro Jaya Regional Police


  • Prabowo Sudarto
  • Surya Nita
  • Prabowo Sudarto


The Chief of Indonesian National Police ordered specifically in the traffic police to carry out Sympathetic Operations and law enforcement for traffic violators with electronic ticket or Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) and mobile ETLE as well as carry out educational steps, except in the case of traffic accidents and so on to prevent illegal levies. This study aims to examine the comparison of e-policing in the implementation of ETLE with manual ticket in traffic compliance in the jurisdiction of Metro Jaya Regional Police. The qualitative approach is used in this research. The population is the Metro Jaya Regional Police traffic police and road users. The results of this study indicate an increase in the number of traffic violations that are not recorded by ETLE if manual ticket is stopped due to a lack of public awareness in traffic compliance.