Evaluation of professional profiles and teacher training for developing physics competencies


  • Mario Humberto Ramírez Díaz
  • Irene Gómez Jiménez
  • Jhonny Alexis Medina Paredesc


The teaching of physics and its use as a means for developing different competencies requires teachers with a professional profile and an ideal teaching profile for it. For the above, it is necessary to have instruments to evaluate if the professional profile and the teacher’s training allow them to reach the ideal profile to develop in the classroom the competencies requested in the physics courses at different educational levels. This study shows the procedure for designing, constructing and validating evaluation instruments for physics teachers, oriented to three agents, directors, teachers and students. As a result, the instruments obtained are shown, as well as the interpretation codes and peer validation carried out for these instruments. Finally, application cases are mentioned where these instruments have already been implemented in Mexico and Chile.