Keeping Bung Hatta’s Idea: Cooperatives for Social and Economic Development


  • Martoyo
  • Adeng
  • Heru Erwantoro
  • R. Luki Karunia
  • Alamsyah
  • Fakhry Amin


Cooperatives are a form of carrying out social and economic development in the community. This follows the words of Mohammad Hatta, who explained that cooperatives are a joint effort to mutually improve economic conditions by helping each other. This article then aims to look at how cooperatives can shape social and economic development. This research will be carried out using a qualitative approach. The research data were obtained from previous research and studies that still have relevance to the contents of this research. The study results then found that cooperatives could create a fair and equitable income for their members. Then through cooperatives, these members will also learn how important it is to sacrifice and work together so that, in the end, a humane, democratic and peaceful, and peaceful society can be realized.