Social Transformation in Higher Education: Basic Foundations in Social Development


  • Ni Putu Tirka Widanti
  • Ardhana Januar Mahardhani
  • Andre Prasetya Willim
  • Hayanuddin Safri
  • Fadzil Hanafi Asnora
  • Fitrani Amin


Education is one of the crucial foundations in the development of human life. One form of this development is social conditions that are constantly changing. Education through higher education can be a basis for social development. This research will be carried out to look at how tertiary institutions can influence the process of social development. This research will be carried out using a qualitative approach. The research data comes from the results of previous research or studies which still have relevance to the contents of this research. The results of this study then found that education has an essential role in improving the quality of human life, including improving social conditions in society, higher education as one of the educational institutions can play a role as a basic foundation in social development in the community.