A Study on issues of work life balance of moonlighting employees of select small companies in Hyderabad City, of Telangana State


  • Prof Y Jahangir
  • Mariah Tahseen


The area of human resource management is rapidly evolving, and it is increasingly recognizing its role in the non-stop operation of an enterprise. Innovative methods are being developed daily to provide workers with a suitable atmosphere in which to operate in a more inspired manner. There is a fierce fight for the survival of the fittest all over the world, and we must adapt to evolving work cultures and ways to implement modern human resource strategies in different organizations. Those who fail to adapt will be forced to recognize defeat and stay in the backyard. As a result, the company must implement the most up-to-date human resource practices. For the most part, one job suffices. For a few, though, it only clears the bills, and they must go for multiple jobs to make ends meet.  . Employees might be acting in this way to simply enhance their income, pay off loans, pick up new skills, or perhaps take advantage of the opportunity to optimize use. Employees who work second jobs encounter a range of moral issues. Employers, particularly HR managers, and employees both have challenges. Going undercover cannot be prevented due to shifting circumstances, but it should be monitored and controlled. The creation of policies is crucial, but their administration must be incorporated into the contract of employment, and workers must understand the repercussions of any violations.