A Competitive Study of Wine Tourism Destination in India: A Review


  • Dr. Harish D. Kalan
  • Dr. Vinodkumar P. Pathade
  • Mr. Atul B. Gaware
  • Mr. Ganesh Gadekar
  • Dr. Ashwini Chavan
  • Miss. Suvarna Kute


Wine tourism in India is growing as a sort of special interest tourism, although being in its infancy compared to its overseas equivalents. Wine tourism began as a niche type of tourism in Maharashtra, with various winemakers in Nashik offering wine tour packages within their vineyards and wineries. Wine tourism in Maharashtra is steadily growing as a result of many initiatives by wine tourism service providers. If delivering wine tourism services by individual vineyards and wineries are the first step toward establishing the organization of wine trails as well as wine tourism circuits in a wine region is the next stage of wine tourism. The study evaluates and examines Maharashtra's competitiveness as a wine tourist destination mostly using secondary data. This is important for determining if the destination's growth is in line with global trends. In addition, the study aims to contribute to the literature on wine tourism in India.