A Reading about the Effects of Distance Learning During Coronavirus Pandemic "COVID-19" on Education: A Literature Review


  • Essa A. Alibraheim
  • Enas A. Taifour
  • Loloua S. Alsaad


Most countries closed their educational institutions and suspended the attendance educational activities hoping to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and switch to distance learning using various educational platforms. The current research reviews the effects of Corona virus "Covid-19" pandemic on education, under the conditions of distance learning. A specific detailed methodology was used to select the chosen studies including key words filter phase, publisher filter phase, and abstract filter phase. The researchers conclude with 44 articles reviewed from different countries of the world and quoted their experiences. Results indicated that students and teachers considered the distance education to be a lifeline in the success and continuation of the educational process during the COVID-19 even though there were several challenges faced students, parents, and teachers. Further investigation showed that the using distance learning enabled students to become more independent in their learning. It is suggested to conduct comparative studies on the preventive methods that universities were used to reduce the impact of the pandemic and compare them with the procedural steps taken by schools (from elementary to high school) to determine the best methods that can benefit the rest of the educational sectors.