Spirituality is the Basis for the Socio-Economic Culture of People


  • Akmataliev Asanbek Turgunbaevich
  • Karabaeva Samara Toktogulovna
  • Kedeybaeva Zhamal Arstanalievna
  • Sharipova Erkaiym Kozuevna
  • Kurbanbaev Kylychbek Azimovich
  • Seidalieva Mira Koshmamatovna
  • Ergeshov Abdisatar Ysmanalievich
  • Kalberdieva Mairamkan Kubatbekovna


In this article, at the level of philosophical reflection, a philosophical analysis of the spiritual factor performed as the basis of individual socio-economic culture, as well as the evolution of the Kyrgyz ethnic group socio-economic culture and personality in their relationship with traditional spirituality. Authors argue that spirituality, performing function of orientation, ensures the individual integrity and stability, creates the structure of consciousness and activity programs, controls and organizes the motivational sphere. In addition, dynamism and openness of spirituality allow society to give an adequate assessment of events and overcome conflicts, successfully rethink their value orientations in crises.