The behavior of angle steel section used as a stiffener in plates under axial load with lateral pressure for various plate slenderness ratios and with simple and fixed supported conditions


  • Nasim Hosin
  • Narayan Chandra Moharana


The current study offers a non-linear elastoplastic FEM analysis utilizing the ABAQUS program of the experimentally investigated collapse behavior of stiffened steel plates. Twelve samples are used in the experiment with a range of 76 and 100 slenderness ratio. The test specimens' stresses, axial shortening, and lateral deflections are also measured. The elements are classified as being of type S4R in ABAQUS nomenclature by the analysis using ABAQUS. The FEM findings were contrasted with experimental data published in the literature. The previous research studies used the rectangular section as stiffeners so the purpose of this research is to use an angle section instead of a rectangular as a stiffener and investigate the benefit of angle steel sections to resist the load and increase the strength of the plates in two cases simple and fixed support.