The Evaluation on Capacity Standard of the Management and the Impact of the Operation of Community Based Tourism in Samut Songkram Province, Thailand


  • Wandee Hirunsathaporn
  • Nongluk Lukanathinakorn
  • Pornpimon Kampetch


Community based tourism in Thailand has gained attention from both Thai and foreign visitors for the purpose of education, business, and leisure. The CBT service and products make up substantial revenue for government and community while developing the standard of the cultural heritage and the conservation of the environment. The survey on the service quality of CBT and the research on evaluation and measures to improve CBT reflect and give rise to tourism growth in Thailand. This research has the objective to evaluate the capacity standards of the management of CBT and its  impact from tourism operation in Samut Songkhram in fivelocations. It is discovered that the spectrum of the assessment is arranged in the respective order as for Klong Klone Mangrove Forest Conservation Center obtains the highest standard followed by Baan Rim Klong Homestay Community Enterprise, Baan Bang Phlap Community Tourism Center, Women Agricultural Group Tha Ka Market, and Agro Tourism Suan Luang Community Enterprise. The research report reveals that the operation of CBT in Samut Songkhram province has negative impact on the environment including the cause of wastes and disposals, while affecting  the society in terms of the safety of life and property with regard to the financial status of family members.