Cascading Sustainable Engineering to actualize Green Advertising aided Eco-Centric Bioeconomy


  • Dr. Salil Seth


The magnitude of change that engineering and technology are capable of unfolding in the direction of sustainability is impeccable. This leaves footprints on the bioeconomy as well. An alignment between sustainable engineering & bioeconomy mediated via green communication can better streamline the sustainability quotient. The myriad of facets of sustainable engineering viz. biotechnology, environmental engineering, engineering design, computer science & electronics, civil engineering etc. synergistically acts to positively impact the bioeconomy. This gets momentum through green advertising about the achievements of sustainable engineering. Also, the detrimental environmental impact of sustainable engineering projects is very low. This exploratory research paper interlaces sustainable engineering, bioeconomy and green advertising through a common thread by engaging grounded theory-embedded conceptual framework analysis. The meta-synthesis of ideas gathered from multi-disciplinary sources resulted in the production of inferences based on these theoretical analyses by labelling comparable types of data with conceptual labels. The inferences drawn in the paper are inductive in character and heralds promise for project engineers, social advocates of green advertising, players in the field of bio economics and marketers at large.