Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga


  • Sirapuram Shirisha
  • G. Damodar


Sri Aurobindo speculates a theory of evolution which is a fundamental assumption of his metaphysical system. Evolution is the reverse process of creation or involution. Involution is the immanent movement of the Divine from the higher conscious being to the lower conscious being and finally to the most inferior conscious being, the consent matter. In involution, there is the self-willed descent of the Divine to the world of multiplicities. So, Sri Aurobindo thinks that in evolution there will be an ascent or progressive actualization of the latent consciousness till it reaches the original state of Divine consciousness. What is implicitly involved in involution becomes progressively explicit in evolution in a hierarchical march from matter to the higher levels of consciousness. This upward march of consciousness from subject to life and life to mind is being pursued unconsciously. Sri Aurobindo believes that beyond the mind there are other higher levels of consciousness that will be actualized in the future. Nature is continuously pursuing the progress of conscious manifestation though this is going on in an unconscious way. The purpose of Yoga is to accelerate the process of evolution in a conscious way. Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga aims at the divinization of the human race by a conscious endeavor which nature has been stressing upon unconsciously.