Channelizing Eco-Centric Marketing For Sustainable Product Consumption


  • Parveen Yadav
  • Dr. Salil Seth
  • Mrinal Kanti Mahato


As environmental problems continue to worsen, consumers' worries about the preservation of the environment have led to a diversity in consumer purchasing approaches toward living a greener lifestyle. Businesses are taking initiatives to build potentially environment-friendly business practices and products for the eco-friendly market industry. Eco-centric marketing is relatively a new idea that is still undergoing development. The term eco-centric marketing is the practice of promoting sustainable goods that adhere to a set of principles of eco-standards. Green marketing, environmental marketing, and ecological marketing are just a few of the terms that have been used to describe activities in this field. Eco-centric marketing and the development of sustainable products are important approaches that businesses employ to boost competitive advantages and the likelihood of attaining customer satisfaction. Eco-innovation can be used to increase the effectiveness of eco-friendly marketing by using different techniques as suggested by the findings of the research. This conceptual paper is based on exploratory research design incorporating secondary data sources from interdisciplinary journals, and research papers to suggest ways to achieve sustainability by promoting the consumption of sustainable products via eco-centric marketing. So, this paper holds potential for policymakers advocates of green lifestyle and environmental strategists.