Forecast of the Social Revolution Post 2024 Election


  • Pujo Widodo
  • May May Maysarah
  • A. Josias Simon Runturambi
  • Margaretha Hanita
  • Lilly S. Wasitova


The competition created during the election period brings the impact of change for the government and the potential for social revolution. The state can survive if it successfully faces its problems. If it fails, then great destruction and changes will occur. Revolutions that are interpreted as people power occur in several countries due to failing to solve the problems that occur. This study uses a descriptive method of analysis to describe the phenomena. The results of this research showed that the impact of technology brings both positive and negative situations in elections. Elections became a legal medium that is realized from the existence of democracy. The success of the electoral process is a benchmark for the successful implementation of the democratic system in Indonesia. Elections can turn into arenas of conflict. In the context of conducting elections that are supposed to take place honestly, fairly and openly, it is not uncommon to still cause disputes that lead to conflict and violence. These changes often trigger social tensions and conflicts early in the process. Conflicts that cannot be managed and resolved properly will trigger a revolution.