The Importance of Disaster Resilience Education and Awareness in Indonesia


  • Wilopo
  • Syamsul Maarif
  • Sobar Sutisna
  • Yusuf Ali
  • Pujo Widodo
  • Herlina JR Saragih
  • Poetika Puspasari


Geographically placed across the Ring of Fire, Indonesia is one of the nations withinside the global that's at risk of catastrophe. In fact, in much less than 3 months of time Indonesia became hit through primary screw ups in exclusive places, specifically Lombok and Palu. And on December twenty third 2018 Indonesia became hit through a volcano tsunami in Pandeglang Regency, Serang, and South Lampung. Bearing this in mind, catastrophe mitigation is taken into consideration necessary. The key to lessen lack of existence and harm from herbal screw ups is considerable public focus and training. Therefore, constructing resiliency via catastrophe training needs to be accomplished. This studies examines the significance of catastrophe training and focus in Indonesia. The studies objectives to locate out and examine approximately: first, what efforts had been made through Indonesia in constructing catastrophe resilience. Second, the significance of constructing a subculture of catastrophe resilience and presenting catastrophe training for the humans of Indonesia. The end result from this studies isn't always equipped to stand catastrophe due to the dearth of training and focus concerning screw ups. The aim to be accomplished via training and catastrophe schooling is to decrease the danger of catastrophe impacts.