The Anti-Terrorism Role of city Karachi – An Unreal Based Role-Playing Game


  • Sallar Khan
  • Fayyaz Ali
  • Muaawiz Ali
  • Syed Asifee Ahmed
  • Mohammad Nihal
  • Mannan Saleem


It has never been so easy to create a game for the implementation and analysis of machine learning (ML) algorithms thanks to the availability of new advanced game engines. Game engines are useful for academic research as they create the ideal conditions for rapid simulation and can provide guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on non-player characters (NPCs). Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is a good alternative for ML simulation as it contains many useful features. The aim of the game is to present a game while making it more interactive and audience oriented. It is based on true historical events that happened in Karachi, Pakistan. Together, the various characters in the game will tell a story about their respective roles and experiences. The simulation also provides insight into Pakistan's defense plan in the event of an unforeseen disaster. The game is played from the player's perspective. The game will succeed in the gaming industry and prove that the patriotism of the players has increased. Fighting for defense is a key element of the game, so playing it around with people trying to damage's roots as an occupying power will prove to be a nice way to support patriotism.