The Impact of marketing ambidexterity in achieving marketing excellence: An exploratory study on the views of a sample of administrative leaders in several private hospitals in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq


  • Dilman Khoshavi Ramadhan Sharafany
  • Darman Sulaiman Sadiq


The purpose of this study is to highlight the role that marketing activity plays in achieving marketing excellence through the adoption of innovative marketing tools represented in (marketing ambidexterity), which is an essential pillar for any organization seeking to interact with its customers, as it is considered an important means to achieve marketing excellence in various sectors. The theoretical side consists of two main variables, the first represents marketing ambidexterity and the second represents marketing excellence. As for the methodological side, it consists of the research problem, which lies in testing the effect of marketing ambidexterity in achieving marketing excellence. To achieve this, the researchers adopted measuring marketing ambidexterity in two dimensions (exploration, exploitation). And marketing excellence in five dimensions (quality of service, customer retention, creativity, distinctive capabilities, continuous improvement), the importance and objectives of the research, and the formulation of its hypotheses. To build the current theoretical and methodological frameworks for it, and in the field test of the opinions of administrators in private hospitals in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the private hospitals in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq were chosen to test the research hypotheses, while the research community was represented by the administrative leaders in those hospitals, and their number is (930) administratively, and we chose (315). )) of which as a random sample, and the sample achieved (33.8%) of the total research community, and to test this research, a questionnaire was designed to collect The data, which included several measures derived from previous studies, were modified and redesigned to meet the requirements of the current research, and then presented to a group of experts, while the statistical data was analyzed using the statistical program (SPSS V.26) and according to a number of statistical indicators that formed The basis for presenting and discussing the results of the field analysis, as it included (315) directors of private hospitals. and their assistants and heads of departments. One of the most important conclusions of the research is that marketing ambidexterity is one of the basic concepts that results from the organization's ability to explore and exploit marketing opportunities by investing scarce resources, knowledge, capabilities and competencies that organizations possess in the fields of marketing in achieving them. Top management targets within specific time frames. Therefore, the research suggested the need for the administrative leaders in the hospitals subject to the survey to pay great attention to the activities of marketing ambidexterity, as it is an essential and influential factor in overcoming competitors in the fierce competition market, by conducting an internal analysis. The environment and the need for administrative leaders in those hospitals to confirm their use of them to support the strengths of opportunities and the environment in them, as well as the external environment to identify threats and take them into account when developing plans for their improvement. Competitive position among hospitals in the research environment.