Employing digital-media platforms in developing the public-relations Performance for official institutions in Palestine - Tulkarm Governorate


  • Mohammad A.F. Abusafaqa
  • Dr. Ihab Ahmed Ra'uf Awais
  • Dr. Kartini Binti Kamaruzzaman


Recently, digital-media has entered all fields to facilitate and speed up communication and transmit the information. One of these areas is public relations, several studies dealt with the impact of the use of digital means in public institutions such as universities, Public-bodies, and others. In general, digital-media contributed to strengthening public-relations in various public and private sectors. In this study, the effect of employing the digital-media into the public-relations in the official organizations would be investigated. The official institutions is studied in Tulkarm. The sample of study includes (220) Practitioners in the official institutions, the analytical-descriptive approach would be employed in this study, the collected data would processed with SPSS.