Ho Chi Minh’s thought on Law and the Issue of Legal Education for Students in Vietnam's University Today


  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Mai Uoc


Ho Chi Minh Thought on law is one of the main content of political ideology, and Ho Chi Minh’s political ways, it associated with the State and the building of the state apparatus, with the building legal system to manage the state and society, with the training of bureaucrats with strict discipline, devoted, responsibility to serve people, and trusted by people. In this period of Vietnam, legal education is a specific educational activity associated with education in general. The content of legal education is a part of education at all levels and training levels of the education system. Today, legal education for students in Vietnam's university is carried out through teaching and learning legal content and knowledge in subjects of education program. Implementing legal education in school is contributing to bringing the law to young people in the shortest, fastest and most effective way. Law dissemination and propaganda will create conditions for improving the legal culture of learners. This work will make an important contribution in increasing positive, and ensuring legal knowledge for building activity and administering the law of students. From the way of approach philosophy, social philosophy, political philosophy, through researches and analyses the document of Ho Chi Minh complete collection; of previous researchers and advocates, policies, legal of Vietnam’s Government on law, this article analysis and clarifies the main content in Ho Chi Minh’s Thought on law with practically of legal education for student in Vietnam’s university today.