Job satisfaction and Individual Organizational Adjustment: An Empirical Investigation of its Relationship with Turnover Intentions


  • Fakiha Bashir
  • Dr. Faisal Shafique Butt
  • Neha Riaz Khan
  • Sohail Ahmad Phatak
  • Pradyumansinh Raj
  • Muhammad Mohsin
  • Tariq Rafique


Using the adaptation theory as a framework, this study investigates the relationship between person-organization fit and job satisfaction and its impact on turnover intention. The results indicate that job satisfaction is negatively associated with turnover intention, positively associated with person-organization fit, and also influenced by rotation intention, job pressure satisfaction, and management factor satisfaction. The study employed SPSS 23.0 for data analysis, and Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used to assess the internal consistency reliability of the survey. The findings showed that the questionnaire had high overall reliability, with a Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0.901, indicating strong internal consistency across all scales. Previous research shows that Cronbach's alpha coefficient greater than 0.5 is acceptable, while values greater than 0.7 indicate high reliability.