Developing Irrigation Systems for Sustainable Aquaculture in Vietnam


  • Le Minh Thoa
  • Nguyen Tu Anh


The main goal of building irrigation in the Mekong Delta is to serve crops, so the irrigation system cannot meet the needs of aquaculture development. The main feature of aquaculture is that the water supply must be clean and not reuse wastewater from other industries, including the central wastewater of fisheries and agriculture. That said, an irrigation system must distinguish two different water supply sources and drainage. Due to many anti-salt and anti-flood systems, aquaculture has an insufficient water supply and stops the natural fish flow. When farmers produce goods depending on the product consumption market, the requirements of the irrigation system must also be gently changed according to the farming needs of the people. The sweet border areas must be the irrigation system. It can supply fresh water for rice cultivation and saltwater for aquaculture in a specified time.