Student Interaction and Engagement


  • Prof. Manish R. Khodaskar
  • Prof. Sachin S. Pande
  • Dr. Ashutosh M. Kulkarni
  • Prof. Ashwini A. Pandagale
  • Dr. Pankaj M. Agarkar


Nural Azhan, Mohd Hafriz(2014/02/03)With the advent of Internet and web-based services in networked settings, the teaching and learning (T&L) landscape has changed considerably. Students are granted the ability to engage in integrated learning by online curriculum distribution and training. They have some influence over their learning method over time, position and speed. Active learning applies to T&L strategies so that the accountability for learning can be assigned to the students. Part of T&L should be achieved in mixed curriculum, utilizing a learning management system ( LMS). It makes for collaborative tasks outside of the school. This could also lead to a loss of constructive learning for students. This paper discusses the usage of LMS using the push-pull approach to improve student experiences using LMS in the scheme. It also explains the usage of the LMS utilizing a Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) method to increase student participation in the classroom and their contact with the lecturers. It combines web-based preparatory events, such as classroom learning tasks. It also gives direct input on the students ' learning. When the push-pull and JiTT are used, it is observed that the students become more involved in accessing the LMS and reacting to orders from the lecturers.