The Effect of Gender on Facebook Status Updates in Jordan


  • Yousef F. Bader
  • Asma' Ababneh


This study investigates the role of gender in the choice of proper speech acts related to  Facebook status updates by some Jordanian users. The paper firstly classifies the dataset (200 Facebook status updates) into categories according to their communicative functions before classifying them according to Searle's (1969) speech act taxonomy. The study finds  religious status updates are  the most frequently used among both males and females. However, the two genders differ regarding other updates. For instance, gratitude is the least frequent category used among males whereas sports category is the least frequently used  among female users. Concerning the classification of status updates according to Searle's speech act taxonomy, the study finds that expressives are the most frequent speech acts among both males and females. Meanwhile, commissives are the least frequent among also both males and females. The paper unveiled, in addition to Searle's five,  three additional categories specific to the Jordanian situation, namely, invocations, humour, and quotations.