Environmental Design For Coordinated Collections Of Furnishing Printed Textiles And Lighting Units For Saudi Farahan Protectorate To Become Ecofriendly Touristic Destination


  • Dr. Fadia Mohamed Hesham Zakaria


Recently the intensity of competition has increased among countries in tourism industry due to ascending globalization after the second millennium. Governments have realized the importance of showing a distinguished personality and creating a unique identity for its touristic destinations that are characterizing it, and have become an ambassador for its natural and cultural heritage. The research problem is represented in the following question: Can environmental design for coordinated collections of furnishing printed textiles and lighting units achieve functional and aesthetical dimension through linking among them in a way that reflects on tourists’ attraction for hotels and resorts for Saudi Farasan nature potectorate to become a unique touristic destination? Saudi Farasan nature preserves lack factor of tourism attraction (tourism industry) despite the habitat diversity and rare natural life that the preserve has. The research importance relies in innovation of consistent collections of environmental designs for (Farasan islands protectorate), that realize an integrated relationship between design of printed furnishing textile for touristic hotels and resorts and surrounding lighting units and their effect on realizing touristic attraction for the protectorate. The researcher assumes that using ecofriendly, aesthetical and technical linkage for lighting units and printed furnishing textiles leads to innovation of consistent collections of ecofriendly designs for the preserve that achieve touristic attraction and allow it to be ecofriendly touristic destination. The researcher follows the analytical, descriptive approach and experimental methodology that were applied on experiments of ecofriendly designs for the consistent collections of furnishing design and lighting units for female students of the graduation project for textiles, department of applied arts- faculty of architecture and design- Gazan university- Saudi Arabia 2021-2022, using computer applications. The research special limitations are limited to Saudi Farasan island. The most important results are: Using integration for consistent collections of ecofriendly for natural protectorates and smart lighting units gives a distinguished unique style that fits purposes that carry functional and aesthetical values that leave a direct impression inside the tourist’s mind and elevate the factor of touristic attraction and tourism industry with realization of comfort and luxury as it creates a comfortable environment for users. The study also shows the potentials of designer of textile printing and his/her experience to create the best consistent collections and alternatives through computer applications and techniques of textile printing.