Smart Prototype Design of Rice Storage System Based On Internet of Things


  • Budi Suhendro
  • M. Fadhil Nur Hidayat
  • Halim Hamadi
  • Djiwo Harsono


Temperature and humidity are environmental factors that need to be considered in storing, especially rice. This factor will affect the growth of fungi, the appearance of lice, and insects which can reduce the quality of rice. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to create a prototype smart system for rice storage space based on the Internet of Things (IoT) which can display about conditions temperature, and humidity of the room with User Interface (UI) Node-RED and control it, to achieve optimal storage conditions. The prototype is designed using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B as a microcontroller to control the cooling fan, exhaust fan, and servo motor which is controlled automatically according to the temperature and humidity values that are set based on the results of the DHT-22 sensor measurements. The servo motor is used to drive the ventilation window to open and close. The stepper motor can be controlled using Node-RED UI to open and close the door. Based on the test results, the room conditioning automation system can work well. Information on temperature, humidity, as well as the condition of cooling fans, exhausts, ventilation windows, and doors, can also be displayed on the Node-RED interface with an average delay is 0.5 seconds and a 0% data delivered error percentage. The results of the temperature and humidity measurement of the DHT-22 sensor have an average difference in temperature measurement of 0.91 % and humidity of 1.07 % with the Taffware Temperature-Humidity Meter. In the tests carried out, it took about 5.41 minutes to reduce the temperature from 40 0C to 30-31 0C, and to reduce the humidity from 75 % to 64 % took about 1.46 minutes.